3 Strategies To Align PPC Campaigns To Sales Funnel Stages

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There is a lot of debate surrounding the marketing funnel — from who owns it, be it marketing or sales, to whether or not it's still relevant to today's consumer buying process. High-performing organizations will have overlap and collaboration throughout, with sales helping to generate leads and marketing helping to close deals. Customers you can't retain aren't just gone, they're often also not very good ambassadors of your brand. And yes, you could continue releasing updated products and services to meet your customer bases changing needs.

After an account executive identifies a prospect as a qualified sales lead, he or she can then identify the prospect further as a sales opportunity and will undergo further opportunity marketing. Instead, the number of stages of a sales funnel is dependent on the complexity of the overall sales process.

They've found that people who attend these webinars are six times more likely to purchase than those who don't attend. And, a phone in your CRM means your sales team can capitalize on this feature to call leads without any hassle. This is both where prospects become customers, and where new customers become brand enthusiasts.

You're providing value outside of your product itself by teaching for free, and at the same time, you're positioning your business as a resource on the topic. As Moz rightly points out, in an ideal world this would look more like a cylinder than a funnel, because you'd hope that you were able to keep every prospect who crosses your path and turn them into a customer.

What it is: The top of funnel" is the first stage in the sales funnel; it's the awareness stage. MOFU and BOFU content, and content offers are critical to turning leads in to opportunities*and opportunities into customers. In such a way, also was created the sales funnel template that you can download for free.

All this said, you'll want to create individual ad campaigns to be displayed to consumers who use keywords that are indicative of the funnel stage they're currently in. In doing so, you'll be able to attract and nurture newcomers and those who may be further along in their own buyer's journey but haven't yet become aware of your brand using separate PPC campaigns.

To get to the second stage of the sales process, salespeople sift through the list of MQLs to develop a more targeted list of SALs. If you are in a B2B business, qualifying leads will typically be a simple task due to the lower volume of leads that you will be handling.
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